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Vicki Brooks

Born in Georgia, and qualified as a License Practical Nurse, I have made my home in South Carolina for the past 25 years.  I lived and raised my three sons, Blake, Barrett and Ben in the Chapin district, whilst establishing and running a successful interior design business, Lake Murray Custom Interiors. 

My detailed knowledge of how to transform a home, led to regular consulting with local agents who were seeking to make their listings present better, sell quicker and fetch a higher price.  I realized that my ability to listen to a client’s needs, and detailed knowledge of the homes in the area were all skills that would translate well into my own career in real estate. Over the following years, I developed my professional knowledge and skills working for a Large real estate company.

Last year my passion for real estate led me to start my own real estate company, Vicki Brooks Properties. I had a vision of how I believed buying and selling real estate should be; built on a strong, trusting relationship between me and the sellers or buyers who I represent. I like to think creatively about new ways to advertise and attract buyers to a property. 

I have recently moved to Lake Carolina with my little dog, Rascal, but work from a mobile office that takes me all over the Columbia area and surrounding counties. I have dreams of further expansion this year, which will widen the area that Vicki Brooks Properties is able to service.


My Promise To You
As a Real Estate Broker, my conduct with clients, prospective clients and other Realtors is governed by law. For example, when representing a Buyer or Seller in a real estate transaction, the Broker has the following obligations:

*The fiduciary duties of Loyalty, Obedience, Disclosure, Confidentiality and Accounting;

*The diligent exercise of reasonable skill and care in the performance of the Broker's duties;

*A duty to disclose all facts know to the Broker which materially and adversely affect the consideration to be paid for the property; and

*A duty of honest and fair dealing.

I also have my own professional standards that I hold myself to, which I call, "My Promise To You":

Communications: I believe in complete, open communications on all aspects of the real estate transaction. Recommendations are always supported with details as well as pros and cons. Clients selling homes are contacted at least weekly, and in-person meetings are scheduled at critical decision points.

Attention: you will have my full, undivided attention whenever we are talking on the phone or working together. I will not answer my cell phone when I am with you except in an emergency.

Professionalism: I will always demonstrate a high degree of skill, knowledge and character throughout our relationship.

Integrity: I will be 100% open and honest in all aspects of our relationship. I will never attempt to obtain a listing agreement by misrepresenting the value of your property, nor will I mislead you into accepting less or paying more for a property than our analysis of its market value.

Responsiveness: call will be returned quickly, emails usually the same day but always within 24 hours. Good news or bad, we notify you immediately.

Knowledge: Knowledge is critical to success, and through my experience, research and support network, I will ensure that we have all that is needed to make a well informed decision.


Business Philosophy

I attribute my success to an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Agents whose primary goal is to close a deal or maximize their return on a single transaction are both short-sighted and disingenuous. By focusing on the best interest of the client, I build long term relationships that result in repeat business and referrals that far exceed the attainment of those short-sighted dealmakers.


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